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Wake Up Chen, 72 hour performance event broadcasted live on the web, The Refrigerator Art Center, Tel Aviv 2019.  Collaborators: Yali Raichert, Ariel de Lion Idan Peer 

Empowering Placebo Through IntentioMagnetic Therapy.

The research came to observe what happens when a critical amount of intentions aimed at one common motive, the ”Placebo Empowerment” of a patient in need of treatment. For four days, the artist Chen Cohen rests on a bed in the Refrigerator Art Center, avoiding any form of communication, while streamed live on an interactive platform enabling full participation of the viewers, hosted by research manager, Ariel De Lion. 

While in the scientific model Chen connected to monitoring devices for measuring pulse, blood pressure, heat, and bone fractures attended to by Tuner Yali Reichart and surveyed by scientist Idan Peer, to measure the impact from afar of viewers, and distant healers and the influence of Therapists and artists who came to the laboratory to showcase their practice on Chen.

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