2020  ALMA, home for hebrew culture                                                                                                                                      

2015-2017 MFA program, Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design, Tel Aviv

2014-2015 Painting studies with the artist Amir Rubin, Jerusalem                                                                 

2014 House For Emerging Artists, continues studies for art school graduates, Musrara Multidisciplinary School of Art, Jerusalem

2010-2013 Photography department, Musrara Multidisciplinary School of Art, Jerusalem


2020 Jerard Levi Prize for the encouragement of photographic creativity

2018 Curator’s Choice Award in “Fresh Paint” Contemporary Art & Design Fair Tel Aviv

2013 The "Creative Encouragement" award for final project, named after Ester Hevroni

Solo exhibitions

2021 (Upcoming) Hatira (working title), duo exhibition with Shay Zilberman, The Artists’ Workshops,  Jerusalem. Curator: Ilanit Konopny

2021 How to Die Beautifully (working title), CCA Tel Aviv, Curator: Noam Gal              

2019 Heal, Cité Internationale of Arts,Paris  

2018 “Tzamah” kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: karni barzilay

2015 Let’s End Nicely, solo exhibition, Ramat Gan museum for Israeli Art. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

Selected Group exhibitions
2020  The End of Summer, Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
2020  The body himself, The Social Gallery in Musrara, Curator: Uri Drumer

2020 Primum Non Nocere, Minshar Art Gallery, Curators: Mika and Avi Milgrom 

2019 Nurse, Nurse, Manofim festival Jerusalem, Curators: Leehe Shulov and Rinat edelstein

2019 The Believers, Museum of  Bat Yam, Curator: Hila Cohen-Schneiderman 

2018 Placeless Following Jacqeline Kahnoff, the new gallery in Musrara. Curator: Irena Gordon

2018 subjunctive mood/ people with the sense of possibility,the new gallery in Musrara. Curator: Ilanit Konopny

2018 “The Hug” Duo exhibition by Chen Cohen and Aya Zaiger. Indie Gallery. Tel Aviv         

2017 Six days seven sins. An exhibition of the members of the Atlas Group 110, Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Uri Drumer

2017 International Photography Festival, Minsk

2017 Graduate Exhibition, MFA program, Bezalel, Tel Aviv

2017 House Call, Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017 Rough Censorship, Azza  13, Jaffa. Curator: Yechezkel Lazarov

2016 The Fourth Wall, See-Through gallery at Chlenov 24, Curator: Danielle Nivron

2016 Demonstration, Azza 13, Jaffa. Curator:: Yechezkel Lazarov

2015 Photopoetica: Now We Have Reached Understanding With The Light” Curator: Eyal Ben-dov

2014 Open studio in Maamuta center, Manofim, Jerusalem

2014 Black Matter – Musrara Mix 14

2014 La Saison des Éclipses - The Morel Drefler Gallery Curator: Michal Tobiass,

2013 Photo Poetic – The local that is not local at all, The Morel Drefler Gallery. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

2013 Graduate Exhibition,The Morel Drefler Gallery Musrara. Advisors: Ram Bracha and Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

2013 The Promising Artist Exhibition, Tel Aviv Residency


2021 (Upcoming)  Hamburg, Westwerk Residency

2018-2019 residency at the Cité Internationale of Arts, Paris

2016 Arad, with Atlas group 110 in residency program at Arad by Hadas Keidar

2014-2015 An internship in  Mamuta  Art & Media Center, Jerusalem

Group Membership

2016-2019 member of Indie Communal Gallery for photography

2016-2018 member in Atlas group 110, multidisciplinary artists group, offering a platform for working together and exhibiting via monthly art events.


2020 Harama Magazine. Vol. number 28

2020 Eruvin, Poetry magazine, Vol. 5 

2019 Eruvin, Poetry magazine, Vol. 4 

2019 Harama Magazine. Vol. number 25 
2019 Koma 6 Magazine. Internet exhibition, curated by Deborah Fischer

2017 Pahhhad – A newsletter for Michelle Ootivsky’s exhibition From the 70’s till Infinity. Herzliya Museum

Curator: Ori Drumer

2017 The Ethnographic Department of Museum of the Contemporary –  Collection of articles, edited by Sela Menka Group Published by The Underground Academy Press and Hearat Shulaym. P. 40

2016 Ellipsis. Art magazine, issue 01, p. 81

Special projects

2019 Wake Up Chen, 72 hour performance event broadcasted live on the web, held at The Refrigerator Art Center, Tel Aviv Collaborators: Yali Raichert, Ariel de Lion, Idan Peer

2015 Paradise, sculptured project- paradise in the center of the city, white facade bounding a garden expropriated from the public, with Maamuta, Hansen house.

2015 The Guy Ben hinum quire, production of the project with direction from Noam Inbar

2015 The hallway, production of a series of exhibitions in the students gallery in Musrara Multidisciplinary School of Art

2015 The ethnographic department of the museum of the now- an exhibition dealing with the meeting point between ethnography and art, between the tradition and the now, between the, the public and the private, in Israel while referring to the historian aspect of the physical space where it exists, The hospital for the leprous

2014 Illumination event- 12 artists from different areas responded to the space that used to be a hospital for the leprous, interacting and engaging with it. A homage to an historical event that rekindled the art scene in Jerusalem at the beginning of the millennium. An event by Sela house and Footnote